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Please note: ​​Extremely large volumes of mail are received during the last week of collection. If you mail your payment during that last week there may be a delay in processing your check. ​​Every effort is made to ensure that "last week collection mail" is processed quickly and recorded within a two-week period, according to postmark date.

If you mailed your check during this period, there is no need to call the office unless your check does not clear the bank within the two week processing period. PENALTIES AND INTEREST CHARGES

PAST DUE DUDE 200x189 ​​5% PENALTY.......Payments made within 10 days, past the​ due date 

10% PENALTY.....Payments made 10 days, past the due date  

Delinquent accounts are also assessed interest charges. The Ohio Department of Taxation, Tax Commissioner establishes the interest rate each year.

The Treasurer’s office provides taxpayer friendly assistance in paying past due taxes by offering delinquent payment plans.

​​The Treasurer’s primary concern is working with taxpayers to obtain a satisfactory means of repayment of their delinquent taxes in order to prevent possible foreclosure.

​​Every effort is made to avoid the cost associated with the foreclosure process. 

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A five-pay contract is available to delinquent taxpayers. The delinquency is divided into five equal installments, which enables the taxpayer the ability to pay the delinquent amount over a 2-1/2 year period. The current taxes must be paid timely in addition to the installment amount for the duration of the plan. Please call 330.424.9514, extension #1406 for additional information. CONTRACT 191x178

​​Please note: Missing a payment on a delinquent contract will void the contract and foreclosure proceedings will continue.

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